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Stock Australia's Classic Snake Gaiter - Proven, Lighter, Cooler and Just $99 RRP



  • A proven classic known and trusted across Australia
  • Almost 20% lighter than alternatives with a unique open design for better cooling
  • Sub $100 pricing direct from the manufacturer
  • Keep lower inventory and easily restock with free shipping on order over $250

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What People Are Saying  

"I was using a brush cutter in a drainage gully at work today while wearing a pair of Clogger SnakeSafe gaiters and, all of a sudden, I feel this pressure on my right leg. I turn around and see a 2m Tipan hanging on, so I flick my foot backwards to remove the snake. I inspected my chaps and the punctures didn't go through the gaiters, saving me from being bitten."

Ben Surgeoner

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