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Better Chainsaw Protection

Upgrade to Clogger for a cooler, safer, more comfortable day at work

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  • Arborist

    Zero pants are the best chainsaw pants I own. Live in them. Lightweight, flexible and stretchy, zip pockets, vents for summer days. Zero's all the way.

    Stef White Arborist, International Competitive Climber
  • Arborist

    We’ve been impressed with the amazing product innovation that Clogger has shown, and look forward to incorporating their chainsaw PPE experience in our training programs.

    Ed Carpenter President, North American Training Solutions (NATS)
  • Arborist

    Having tried many different chainsaw pants in the market, I found the fit, weight and ability to work in the Clogger Zeros unmatched by anything I have tried.

    Travis Vickerson Arborist, Firefighter, Trainer and Presenter

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Clogger Zero’s: Elevate Your Day

Our Brands

  • The Zero range is the breakthrough that proves that you can wear Chainsaw PPE even in the hottest conditions.

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  • The Ascend offer an all season Arborist option with waterproof features and warmer outers but still are light and cool to wear.

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  • Arcmax offers fully fire resistant protection from a hard wearing FR outer through to proprietary FR chainsaw material.

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  • DefenderPro is built tough for long life with rugged outers but still offering a cooler experience than anything except Zeros.

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  • Clogger Spiders are rapidly becoming the preferred climbing pants for international tree climbing competitors. Cool. Stretchy. Abrasion resistant.

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Advance Your Guard

Chainsaw protection must do more than stop a chainsaw. It must be longlasting, comfortable and perform in all conditions. Meeting regulatory standards is just the beginning.

Advanced Chainsaw Protection
  • Trousers

    Built for those who want to be fully covered. For those who jump into their gear in the morning, and get the day started. For those on the ground and in the trees. For those who stretch, reach, swing, jump, twist, turn, and climb. These are for you.

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    Chainsaw Protection Trousers
  • Chaps

    Built for those who like to clip or zip. For those who want to pull them out of the truck in the dark, put them on and go. For those who make saw dust at work but don’t want to bring it home. These are for you.

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    Chainsaw Protection Chaps
  • Fire Resistant

    Built for those who work in environments where there are arc flash or firehazards. The Arcmax range has been specially developed for you. It’s the first fully fire resistant chainsaw protective line. And it will protect you.

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    Fire Resistant Chainsaw Protection
  • Accessories

    Looking for extra protection to prevent injury and stay comfortable. From SnakeSafe snake gaiters and Clogger Line Trimmers through to Chainsaw Arm Protection and the latest Clogger branded gear.

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    Chainsaw Protection Accessories