Clogger SnakeSafe - Australia's Classic Snake Gaiters

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Get protection from snakes with SnakeSafe - tested by one Australia's leading herpetologists and proven with use.
The SnakeSafe Gaiter was developed for Australia to protect against venomous snakes while still be light and comfortable to wear in hot Australian conditions
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Developed in Australia, SnakeSafe Snake Gaiters give you the protection that you need when you are spending time in the trees, long grass or anywhere where snakes are lurking.

Rigorously tested by Living with Wildlife, a leading Australia herpetologist, SnakeSafe Snake Gaiters have proven their performance. All varieties of Australian venomous snakes tried to bite through this protection - none of them succeeded.

Up to 4,000 Australians ever year are bitten by snakes with some bites being fatal. This product gives farmers, outdoor workers, and nature enthusiasts true piece of mind where there is a risk of snake bite. 

Choose SnakeSafe, Australia’s Classic Snake Gaiter for proven protection. Trusted all across Australia.

Top Features

  • 4 layer, super-tightly woven penetration resistant fabric give you protection that you can trust
  • Coverage from the knee to the ankle (40 cm)
  • Zip fastens from the top to the bottom, making them easy to get on
  • Tough TPU straps under the boot that keep the SnakeSafe gaiter in position
  • Water-resistant
  • Light at just 385 g - almost 20% lighter than alternative snake gaiters
  • Ideal for recreational or professional use


Small fits 54 cm knee and 46 cm ankle circumference
Medium fits 55 cm knee and 46 cm ankle circumference
Large fits 56 cm knee and 47 cm ankle circumference
Extra large fits fits 58 cm knee and 47.5 cm ankle circumference

What People Are Saying  

"I was using a brush cutter in a drainage gully at work today while wearing a pair of Clogger SnakeSafe gaiters and, all of a sudden, I feel this pressure on my right leg. I turn around and see a 2m Tipan hanging on, so I flick my foot backwards to remove the snake. I inspected my chaps and the punctures didn't go through the gaiters, saving me from being bitten."

Ben Surgeoner


Developed for Australia. Designed and made in Invercargill New Zealand.

Safety Warning

SnakeSafe Snake Gaiters by Clogger were designed and tested by Clogger and have been proven effective in the field. In testing, SnakeSafe Gaiters had zero penetration by the full range of venomous Australian snakes. However, no snake gaiters should be considered “snake proof” and there is no guarantee that penetration could not occur in any circumstance.


  • Avoid snakes

SnakeSafe Gaiters are your last line of defence for snake protection. People should avoid any contact with snakes, keep away from areas with known snake populations and keep away from snakes once sighted.

  • Wear a full range of snake protective gear

Tough boots and pants should be worn with the gaiters for additional protection.

  • Get medical attention after contact with a snake

Carefully remove the gaiters. Avoid any contact with skin and the venom. Then immediately contact medical professionals.

Treatment of SnakeSafe Gaiters if bitten

Wear a protective face mask, eye protection, gloves and full body overalls. Wash the gaiter in menthylated spirits or alcohol and dry.

Contact Clogger on +64 3 218 8899 for further advice.