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Our Story

Many years ago, there was a little sewing factory in New Zealand. Life was ticking along nicely, and all was well in the world.

Then came an opportunity.

An industry contact asked "Are you interested in making chainsaw clothing? We’ve experimented with it, but the authorities are insisting on compliance to standards. We're not interested in that. Do you want to take it on?"

"Umm, probably."

That probably became a definitely. It was simply too much of a challenge. Pitting knowledge and know-how of textile and fabric against complex and demanding standards was far too enticing for the technical minds around the Board Room and Factory Floor to resist.

A few blunt pencils, a floor strewn with off-cuts and a few fact-finding missions to various parts of the globe later and by 1994 Clogger was born.

It wasn’t all plain sailing though. The goal was to be extraordinary, becoming the experts in chainsaw protective clothing. Clogger had to deliver something innovative, comfortable and durable. Something amazing. It didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen.

Clogger is now a global specialist in chainsaw protection. Clogger garments protect thousands of professional arborists , tree workers and occasional chainsaw users around the world on the daily basis.

Here are some major milestones on the journey.

1994 - The first Clogger chainsaw protective product is produced using  Arrestex  chainsaw fabric

1995 - Clogger expands to Australia

1999 - First Clogger Arborist trousers released featuring stretch fabrics

2005 - Clogger test lab and rig built

2007 - Arrestex HP (High Performance) chainsaw protection material released

2009 - Clogger acquires computerized fabric cutting equipment and CAD software for pattern making 

2012 - Arcmac range released with the world's first fire resistant chainsaw protection material Arrestex FR

2016 - DefenderPRO range of tough chaps and trousers released

2016 - Zero arborist range released creating the world's lightest and coolest chainsaw trousers and chaps incorporating many unique features making it comfortable for arborists and tree workers to work in hot conditions.


2017 - Clogger enters the North American market with UL certification to the US and Canadian standards. 

2019 - Clogger makes the chainsaw protective garment #500,000.

This means the story is not yet finished. A philosophy of continuous improvement drives development forward on a daily basis. There’s more to come. Lots more.

Stay tuned.

Clogger. The experts in chainsaw protection.

Advance Your Guard.


One more thing.

We do get asked where the name Clogger came from.

The name was chosen because of the clogging action of the chainsaw fabric on the chainsaw. The logo also plays on "logger" in reference to the forestry industry. Another plus was that we could use the "C" to represent the nose of the chainsaw bar.