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Clogger Altitude Gen2 Rugged Arborist Chainsaw Boots

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Certified to exceed the EN ISO 17249 Class 2 standard (24 m/s)
The Gen2 Clogger Altitude is designed to be the ultimate boot for work in spikes / spurs. Built with a rigid shank and ultra tough outer for a long life in tough conditions.
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The all-new Clogger arborist chainsaw boot is designed to provide the ultimate answer to working in spurs / spikes. The rigid insole creates the ultimate work platform. The Altitudes do take some time to break in. Click here for instructions. If you take the time to work the boot in, the Altitudes will become your favorite boot with extreme durability giving you a long life in the toughest conditions.

  • Chainsaw resistant upper lining in accordance with EN ISO 17249: 2014 Class 2, certified to 24 m/s. Safety toe in accordance with EN ISO 20345, Class I. Antistatic (A). Energy absorbent heel (E). Puncture resistant midsole (P). Water resistant upper (WRU). Fuel oil resistant outsole (FO). Slip resistant (SRA).
  • Uses durable brushed 2.4-2.6 mm Nubuck leather uppers to help the boot hold its shape over time, a soft leather lined cuff for better comfort and a high rubber rand for extra wear resistance.
  • Lightweight design at just 1.17 kg (Size 43 boot).
  • Features AquaStop permeable layer that is waterproof but is fully breathable to reduce moisture build up.
  • Includes a deep 3D lining to provide a comfortable experience, prevent wear points and offer additional ventilation.
  • A stainless steel reinforced insole for better rigidity in trees when using spurs /spikes with a Kevlar anti-perforation layer added for additional protection.
  • Shank construction incorporating a 8.0-12.0 mm layer of rubber added at the ideal density of 700-950 N/m3 to provide a comfortable foot board for long work days.
  • Ultra rugged, Vibram Teton rubber outsole for designed to allow the boot to fit in narrow branch forks and formulated to be sticky in the tree but hard wearing on ground.
  • Multi-zone lacing system for a fast and secure fit with rugged, corrosion resistant hardware using ball bearing loops on the lower zone and double riveted speed hooks on the mid and upper zones.

Developed in New Zealand and Italy. Italian made.